Inclement Weather Policy

VB Wedding Company

Inclement Weather Policy 2018-2019

This policy does not apply to Royal Courtyard Clients

Every outdoor wedding event, at some point in time could possibly be at risk of being impacted by inclement weather. Because of the nature of our business, being primarily an outdoor beach destination venue, we understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Hand in hand with preparation, our chief concern rests with the safety of our clients, their guests and our VB Wedding staff and equipment. Our vendors or staff are unable to work in the rain, thunderstorms, lightening or in conditions that would not be safe including high winds. Wedding permits for the State of Virginia prohibit us to set-up or conduct wedding ceremony's during or with projected inclement weather, we will comply with all state, city regulations and safety personal if they have ordered an all clear to vacate the beach area. VB Wedding does not provide refunds due to inclement weather. 

After years of experience and responding to a variety of questions and concerns regarding what should happen if there is inclement weather on the wedding day, we have put an inclement weather company policy in place that, across the board, provides a reasonable resolution for all parties concerned. We encourage each couple to take the time to become familiar with the options listed and be prepared to make a decision in advance as to what option may work best. Do to the nature of our schedule and business we cannot provide refunds for a cancellation due to inclement.

We rely on the most up to date national weather forecasting data, as well as reports from several surrounding communication facilities right here in the Virginia. We always err on the side of safety and the final decision to move the wedding indoors / cancel/ or delay the wedding is at the sole discretion of Virginia Beach Wedding Company and Associate .

  1. If day of the event 3 hrs before ceremony start time the forecast is 45% or greater chance of rain or thunder storms then we will set-up the back up location and the wedding will be schedule to be held indoors.  

  2. Postponement to another date (up to 30days) . No additional charge for rescheduling for another date. We will work hard to accommodate the new time or date.

  3. Securing a BACK-UP location, is the responsibility of the couple and all fees incurred. VB Wedding must receive confirmation of a back up location 2 weeks prior to the wedding, to allow time to coordinate additional setup. Confirmation must include the following

  1. Venue name and Contact person

  2. Phone number, email, address of location

  3. Timeframe for set-up

  4. Local hotels, event venue locations are good options for back up. If you are having a reception or private dinner check with the hotel, venue or restaurant to see if they have a back up space available. If the wedding ceremony is moved indoors we will work with that venue to provide/ or use the wedding décor contracted. It will be at the discretion of the venue to determine what if any décor can be set-up inside the premises. In the case a back up location is used there will be no refund on deposits or payments made for VB Wedding Services or vendors.

  5. We Strongly suggest wedding insurance to cover any expenses relating to the postponement of changes on your wedding day. Some companies that provide insurance , ask them about coverage for day of inclement weather

  6. Clients/Couples of Royal Courtyard will use the indoor ceremony room located at Royal Courtyard. No additional cost will be charged for use of space.